iOS Game: AstroCorgi

iTunesArtwork@2xA simple iOS platform 2D-game written in Swift with Xcode

“AstroCorgi” has just been approved by Apple! It can be downloaded here: App Store Link. I need to thank Andrew Hu for publishing this game using his Apple Developer Account.

This game was my first iOS game built with SpriteKit. This game is designed in arcade classic style, and the main character is a super-corgi who fights intruders from outer space. Sound effects were collected from , and the pixel arts were mostly drawn by my beloved fiancée. I also need to thank Todd Sproull, the professor of my Mobile Application Development course, for his valuable and inspiring suggestions.

Photo Jul 03, 10 51 46.pngGame Main Menu
Photo Jul 02, 23 21 07In-game Scene (armor piercing bullet)

Features of the game:

  1. The player controls the super-corgi with moving the finger on the screen, avoiding being hit and collect coins. Flying time and destroying enemies add to the score, and scores and coins collected in game add to the total coins a player’s account has. A player can use the coin collected to revive and get back in the game, but the price goes up with the score they currently get.Photo Jul 02, 23 20 52                                                                 Revival Scene
  2. The shield kits are spawned when the play reaches certain scores, and these shield kits can be activated to create a flaming shield around the corgi, which makes the corgi the most unbreakable physics body that can demolish anything in his way. Shield activating button is on the left for right-handed players, and on the right for left-handed players.
  3. The basic weapon is just single bullet firing to the front, and it can be upgraded to more powerful weapons by collecting weapon kits. Weapon kits are also spawned when the player reaches certain scores, and their moving trail is easier to track. Weapon levels include single bullet, single armor-piercing bullet, double bullet, double armor-piercing bullet, two-way armor-piercing bullet, and four-way armor-piercing bullet. More powerful weapons help the corgi to face harder game modes.
  4. In the settings page, the background music and sound effects can be turned ON/OFF separately in order to enhance the player experience. Four difficulty modes are implemented in the game: easy, medium, hard, and hell. Different difficulty modes come with different spawning durations of enemies, as well as the speed and moving trails of barriers.

Photo Jul 02, 23 21 58Settings Scene

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