iOS APP: iMoney

Course Final Project for Mobile Application Development Course

This was an app built in the fall of 2016 as a final project for iOS development course. I worked in a team of 4 members, and we built a money management application that allows the users to register with email, and to track their account balance, spendings, and earnings with cloud synchronizing function. Below are some screenshots that represent some core features of the app.

The app is supported by Firebase, a mobile-backend-as-a-service style database service, to save data to and fetch data from the cloud. User information, including their user ID, user password, account information, and transaction history, are stored in .json style records in the database.

At the first time the users open the application, they need to register with an email address. Once the user has logged in, they can log in to their account automatically on the same device later.

Login & Register Page

The user has to use a valid email address and a not too simple password. If they forget their password, they can hit “Forget Password?” and get an email with their password in it. After logging in, the user will have an empty dashboard. Users can start creating new accounts and setting their initial balance.

Set up accounts

Then users can use the app to track their spendings and earnings. The locations of transactions, photos of receipts, and short notes about the transactions are recorded and uploaded to Firebase. Transaction pages are like below.

Spending Page

The new balance will be updated promptly in the app while the record is uploaded in the background. History can be viewed in a table view. The statistics page holds two sections: footprints indicating the locations of past transactions, and charts indicating the breakdown of spendings.

History of Spending and Statistics Page

In the detailed footprint page, transactions are displayed above the pins. In the detailed charts page, spending history that is used make the chart can be specified to certain time period like below:

Detailed Footprints Page and Detailed Charts Page

Also, the application includes a setting page with sharing buttons that can be used to share the application to Facebook and Twitter. The “Log Out” button is on the setting page as well, so that the user can change their iMoney account.

This application will not be published, and the working copy can be found on my GitHub.

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